Community Chest Heartstrings Walk Towards a Better Nation


Community Chest Heartstrings Walk 2017 on September 2017

Walking for A Better Singapore, A Nation That Shares and Cares


3E Accounting joined forces with Singapore’s community to partake in the Community Chest Heartstrings Walk in September 2017.

Aptly, this year’s walk was themed “A Walk by All. A Heart for All”. This succinctly described the event and 3E Accounting had the incredible opportunity to support this exciting experience.

At 3E Accounting, we care deeply about making a difference to our beloved Singapore. We are always on the lookout for events and other corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities that allow us to make a difference. In 2017, the walk organised by Community Chest was one of the events we were eager to participate in.

Like the organisation, 3E believes in working towards building a nation that shares and cares. We are fully supportive of the idea that if everyone comes together, we can build a better, more inclusive Singapore for everyone. Thus, being a part of this walk was perfectly align to what we at 3E Accounting believe.


3E Accounting Walks for A Cause

The 3E Accounting team joined forces with some of Singapore’s seniors in need on 9 September 2017. Together, we took part in the Community Chest Heartstrings Walk 2017. The 4-km walk was held around the Marina Bay Sands area. It was a beautiful morning and the picturesque Marina Bay scenery made for a memorable walk indeed.

3E Accounting was proud to be part of this initiative. This event enabled us to show our support for an inclusive nation. It was a chance to show we care and be part of a collective effort. As one, we worked to build a community that shares and a nation that cares. It was a remarkable experience as volunteers, beneficiaries, partners and communities were united in a single purpose.


Getting to Know Community Chest

Community Chest and co-organiser Marina Bay Sands were partners in the Community Chest Heartstrings Walk initiative. As part of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), it lives by a simple but vital mission: To raise funds for those in need in Singapore.

Community Chest was formed in 1983 as part of the NCSS’s fundraising and engagement arm. The organisation focuses on three core areas. First, to help those in need. Second, to show their care through volunteer initiatives. The third is to show their care too, but this time through donations. As part of the NCSS, its roles and responsibilities are aligned with the NCSS.

The organisation continually strives each day to ensure all Singaporeans have a chance to live in an inclusive and caring society. Building collaborative and impactful partnerships with organisations and individuals alike are the key to accomplishing this goal. All initiatives by Community Chest are focused towards empower Singapore’s community to help them lead more fulfilling lives.