3E Accounting Mentioned in Media

3E Accounting is pleased to be mentioned in media on Seeking Alpha and ChatBots Magazine.

Seeking Alpha, October 2017


Can Snap Grow Up To Challenge Facebook?Seeking Alpha’s October 26 2017 article on Can Snap Grow Up To Challenge Facebook? In the article, 3E Accounting was mentioned on the importance of proper corporate tax planning.

According to 3E Accounting, Snap’s current loss-making position gives it a tax advantage, which should be utilized with proper corporate tax planning.

Overall, it is clear that Snap management is moving in the right direction in cutting its cost base and improving its advertising revenue. We will only know how far they had gone in the next quarterly results.


Seeking Alpha, November 2017


New Beginning For The Japanese Yen After 6 Years Of Decline

Seeking Alpha’s November 2 2017 article on New Beginning For The Japanese Yen After 6 Years Of Decline.

The policy of loosening regulations to encourage foreign company formation also would go down the drain and overseas. In the article, 3E Accounting noted the complexity of overseas company incorporation and looser regulations are needed for much needed capital investments and knowledge transfer.



ChatBots Magazine, November 2017


Chat bots Magazine Business ApplicationChatBots Magazine‘s November 3 2017 article on Business Application of ChatBots.

GrowthBot can recognize that customer’s request through channels such as Facebook and Slack which is linked to its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for better conversion. As noted by 3E Accounting, an entrepreneur would need to get rid of distractions such as petty customer enquiries and secretarial duties to focus on the important things such as strategic planning and marketing.

3E Accounting Malaysia wishes to thank Seeking Alpha and ChatBots Magazine for the mention, and all staffs and clients for their continuous support.