Channel 8 News: Flexible Work Arrangements at 3E Accounting to Support Pro Family Practices

Channel 8 News: Flexible Work Arrangements at 3E AccountingChannel 8 News has profiled 3E Accounting General Manager Chan Mee Chi. This follows Advance Release of the Labour Force Report indicating that female labour force participation was the highest in 28 years. Data from the Ministry of Manpower showed that the employment rate of local female residents was 50.8% in 1991 and climbed to 73.3% this year.

Mee Chi, who has two children, joined 3E Accounting as a corporate secretarial manager in 2014. She has been promoted twice within five years, and currently holds the appointment of General Manager. At 3E Accounting, flexible work arrangements, from staggered working hours to working from home empowered Mee Chi with the freedom to choose her time to work, while taking care of her family at the same time.


Pro Family Practices Help Achieve Work-life Harmony

Channel 8 News: Flexible Work Arrangements at 3E AccountingSharing how 3E Accounting was supportive of her request to convert from full-time to part-time for a year, Mee Chi said, “For a period of time, I realize that I need to spend more time with my children at home, so I discussed with my boss, and he readily agreed.”

Experts Channel 8 spoke to, including the founder of Mums@Work Sher-Li Torrey, said that working mothers continued to face challenges at work.

At 3E Accounting, Pro Family practices has helped Mee Chi achieve work-life harmony as well as career progression. We hope such Pro Family practices will inspire other SMEs and progressive employers to give greater support to working mothers.