3E Accounting International Achieves 80-Country Global Milestone

3E Accounting Achieves 80-Country Global Milestone3E Accounting International was set up to provide affordable professional corporate services to help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and startups expand overseas and internationalise.  Today, Singapore-headquartered 3E Accounting International has established a global footprint in more than 80 countries with over 1,450 staff working in 116 offices worldwide.


Proactive Strategy to Support Overseas Expansion

3E Accounting International reflects the proactive strategy taken to support the overseas expansion of the firm’s clients. While many companies enjoy business success at home because of a strong understanding of the home market, the journey to international expansion for companies with global ambitions could be daunting. The key to success abroad is to understand and penetrate clearly identified and researched target markets. With deep experience and expertise, 3E Accounting International’s primary role is to help to incorporate the local company, while ensuring regulatory compliance with local law, taking care of all the necessary groundwork so that business owners can focus on the core business, conduct market research to gauge potential competitors, identify and mitigate risks and make a more informed decision on global expansion strategies.


Ethos of 3E Accounting International

3E Accounting International capitalises on the professional knowledge and expertise of its network members to provide corporate solutions to customers worldwide. This global accounting network enables the Singaporean firm to work alongside professionals in the accounting industry around the world to provide comprehensive corporate services beyond excellence to our clients across the globe.

“The ethos of Singapore-headquartered 3E Accounting International is to be an enabler for small businesses and startups to expand overseas. We made this breakthrough by forging a strategic partnership with network members around the world. The formation of our international accounting network demonstrates that even a Small and Medium-sized Accounting Practice, SMP for short, can provide services to international clients and compete with the best of international firms when going global.”

Lawrence Chai, 3E Accounting International Founder


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Strategic Partnership With Network Members

Around the world, many accounting firms are keen to become a member of 3E Accounting International, the leading homegrown global accounting network in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, overseas accounting firms want to join 3E Accounting International because they trust the Singapore Brand. It is this reputation for good governance, respect for rule of law, regulatory compliance and transparency that has resonated well with network members and clients around the world.

One of the most valuable benefits of joining a global accounting network is that you not only become a member, you are forging a strategic alliance with experts and accounting firms around the world to share knowledge with one another, especially on country-specific accounting, tax, auditing and advisory services. Our global network offers members the unique value proposition of referral services and networking opportunities.”

Lawrence Chai, 3E Accounting International Founder


Join Our Global Network

Accounting firms who are keen to join 3E Accounting International global network are welcome to contact 3E Accounting International for more information.