Channel News Asia: Firms Focus On Retraining – 3E Accounting

Channel News Asia Firms Focus on RetrainingChannel News Asia profiled the culture of training and upskilling at 3E Accounting. Joining us during our Annual Training Week, Channel News Asia (CNA) interviewed 3E Accounting founder Lawrence Chai who shared how he instills life-long learning as one of the key pillars of 3E Accounting’s “Employees Come First” culture.


Provide Higher Value As A One-stop Solution Advisor

At 3E Accounting, managers regularly attend Budget and Financial Reporting Standard (FRS) workshops to understand the latest industry updates, and conduct training sessions to brief team members on best practices and upcoming regulations. This mentorship model helps impart new skills and knowledge among colleagues.

Lawrence shared his philosophy on how training and upskilling employees to take on expanded job scopes can help in commanding better salaries. He used the example of professional accountants as an illustration. At 3E Accounting, instead of focusing only on a narrow and specialised area of work, accountants are cross-trained in corporate secretarial services and the Employment Act to better advise clients and provide higher value as a one-stop solution advisor.

Channel News Asia Firms Focus on Retraining Channel News Asia: Firms Focus on Retraining