Tree Planting Day at Taman Tugu on October 2019

Kuala Lumpur is a metropolis of skyscrapers and tall buildings. But, with pockets of green lungs within the Klang Valley vicinity, those living and working in the concrete jungle that is Kuala Lumpur can turn to the vast greenerys of Taman Tugu. Volunteers of all sorts of background organise Tree planting activities at Taman Tugu from time to time together to help save our beloved planet, one tree at a time.

As part of 3E Accounting’s commitment to environmental sustainability, we organised a Tree Planting Day on 25 October 2019. The tree planting at Taman Tugu helped heighten environmental awareness among our employees and contributed to increasing the Biodiversity of Parks and Urban Forests.

Trees for Life

Water is essential for living, but trees play a big part too. Trees provide all living things on our planet with oxygen through photosynthesis. Trees are also part of our ecosystem that ensures that the Earth continues to be liveable. While what nature has provided for us is abundant, modernisation is an increasing threat to nature and our future generations. Our best solution is to keep planting trees, even where modern skyscrapers take shape.


Free Tree Society

The Free Tree Society is a non-profit organisation that works with nature to preserve, conserve and save the environment. Its main objective is to increase awareness and importance of trees and its contribution to the larger picture. Free Tree Society, in cooperation with Taman Tugu Nursery, conducts tree planting and outdoor gardening activities right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It is made up of volunteers who are genuinely concerned about conserving the planet through planting of more trees. These trees are planted in soil bags, and the plants are given away for free to organisations. During exclusive give away days, organisations and the public can request for plants that they could care and nurture at their premises in turn for a better environment. The Free Tree Society also has other options for interested volunteers to participate in conserving the planet. Another interesting way is to give away seeds, garden cuttings and even old pots.


Bonding With Nature

3E Accounting recognised the important role that the Free Tree Society plays by encouraging bonding with nature. As part of our corporate social responsibility programme, many of us volunteered our time and made our way to Taman Tugu Nursery to put on gardening gloves to get in touch with nature. Guided by experienced gardeners on how to plant a seed in soil bags, the right soils to use and proper plant propagation, we learnt so much about the importance of preserving and conserving the environment through our time at the nursery. Each tree planted in soil bags had our name written on a popsicle stick and placed together in the soil bags. This way, each of us can remember how we have contributed to the environment by planting a tree.