River Safari’s Half-Day Trip a Memorable One for Seniors

From Yangtze to the Mississippi, Singapore’s Seniors Had a Day to Remember

Singapore’s senior beneficiaries got to experience “wildly” fun times at the River Safari half-day trip organised by 3E Accounting.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a big part of 3E Accounting’s culture. We believe there are so many ways in which a company can give back to their community. The focus of our initiatives centre around how we can enrich the lives of Singapore’s community. We believe in making a difference in the lives of both young and old.

As part of our CSR initiatives for 2017, 3E Accounting voluntarily organised a half-day trip to River Safari. The event took place on 15 December and it was a group effort with some of Singapore’s senior beneficiaries.


Why Organise the Half-Day Trip?

River Safari is one of Singapore’s famous attractions. 3E Accounting was pleased it could be the one to give senior beneficiaries the opportunity to visit this place. It was also a good opportunity for 3E Accounting’s volunteers to interact and get to know some of the seniors.

The event was a great success and a wonderful day all around for everyone involved. Filled with warmth, laughter, fun and enjoyment, 3E Accounting was honoured it got to let the seniors experience something different. Singapore’s seniors spend most of their days at the care centre, and spending days out like this is a refreshing change.

The purpose of the event was to show our beloved senior beneficiaries some much-needed support. It was also designed as an opportunity to encourage our volunteers to engage in fulfilling endeavours.


About River Safari Singapore

It is a unique, one of a kind wildlife experience themed around the world’s freshwater rivers. Visitors get to explore the thrill of wandering around right different river habitats. These range from the Yangtze and all the way to the Mississippi. Along the way, you’ll get to encounter all sorts of animals, including the giant panda.

The educational experience takes its visitors on a trip around the world without ever having to leave Singapore. The world’s legendary rivers are home to native plants and animals. You’ll be regaled with information all throughout your trip. Get up close and personal with the giant salamanders of the great Nile river. Be awed by the otters of the Chinese river and the catfish of the Mekong in this 3-hour safari experience.

This is the world’s biggest freshwater aquarium and an experience unlike any other in Singapore. See the Amazon’s manatees and watch the giant pandas graze in the forest. River Safari Singapore is one experience that everyone from all walks of life can enjoy, both young and old.