Beyond the Classroom – Nanyang Polytechnic Students Company Visit

Education Beyond the Classroom Benefits Nanyang Polytechnic Students in Learning About Productivity

Nanyang Polytechnic students get real-world insights during a company visit to 3E Accounting. Education and industry needs must be in tandem to create undergraduates that are employable and marketable. Hence, 3E Accounting was elated to be chosen as one of their beyond classroom sharing sessions.


Learning About Productivity

The students from Nanyang Polytechnic were business undergraduates in an internship programme called Productivity Training Center. Their visit to 3E Accounting was to learn about the company and how 3E Accounting cultivates the culture of productivity in its work processes. 3E Accounting is a complete accounting and consultation firm for business owners seeking professional and legal advice as well as assistance. Thus, 3E accounting’s vast work processes and liaison eventually leads to plenty of work. Issue such as increasing work productivity is common in any company. As a company, 3E Accounting adopts innovations and reliable technology that contributes to the overall productivity.


Happiness Equals Productivity

Increasing productivity in a company will contribute to positive outcomes. From simplifying work processes to enhancing employee happiness. Employee engagement is an essential aspect of productivity as it empowers them to perform better professionally. As such, 3E Accounting Managing Director shares that the company incorporates innovative management strategies to ensure employees can achieve and contribute to the well being of the company. 3E Accounting has offices worldwide, making communication between offices a crucial part of business management. Hence, 3E Accounting gets by with the help of a robot. Communication is key to smooth work processes as well as project progression. Double Robotics Technology is adopted because it is an innovative teleconferencing technology that suits their office environment very well. 3E Accounting Managing Director even demonstrated how the robot works. It is used to communicate with an employee that works remotely to ensure communication is clear among colleagues.


Real-world Exposure

During internship programmes, students may not be exposed to challenging projects that fully harness their problem-solving skills. Company visits are the jewel of internship as it exposes undergraduates to current industry needs. Students visiting the 3E Accounting office were exposed to the work culture, conventional work processes and innovative management strategies to instil a productive culture among employees. The students were treated to more than just corporate information, but also how businesses are conducted with worldwide offices via technology. The students also benefitted from the great question and answered session with the Managing Director of 3E Accounting. All in all, 3E Accounting was delighted to have Nanyang Polytechnic students as an audience and hoped that the meeting has been fruitful to them.