Straits Times: Bosses Need to Adjust to New Hybrid Model: Experts

Straits Times Featured 3E Accounting Founder Lawrence Chai PerspectivesThe Straits Times featured 3E Accounting Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Lawrence Chai’s perspectives on how 3E Accounting has successfully adapted to post-COVID hybrid work arrangements.


With more Singaporeans returning to the office, employers are reinventing the office environment in response to the new normal – hybrid working arrangements. Employers need to address employees’ concerns on measuring productivity levels and fulfilling their need for direct human interactions with many employees continuing to working from home.


Measuring Employees’ Productivity Levels

Speaking to The Straits Times, Lawrence highlighted that with most employees working from home, it is necessary to set clear performance indicators to track productivity levels. An example of a clear performance-based indicator is the tracking of the number of letters processed on a monthly basis by the administrative staff. When both the employee and Management are clearly informed on the performance indicators, this not only helps to raise productivity levels but also reduce employees’ anxiety by assuring them that Management can efficiently and remotely manage their performance when they are working from home.


Fostering Stronger Connections Within 3E Accounting

Straits Times Featured 3E Accounting Founder Lawrence Chai PerspectivesWork from home arrangements can result in the absence of direct human interactions and more difficulty in building rapport and communication among employees. Therefore, it is crucial for employers to hold regular internal engagement initiatives to forge stronger connections within the firm. At 3E Accounting, we are continuing with our year-end dinner and dance event, but taking it online due to COVID-19. This signature event is the key highlight of our employee engagement calendar and fosters stronger connections and rapport with many employees looking forward to the annual lucky draw.


Investment in Technology for Business Resilience

With the future of work constantly changing, Lawrence asserts that there is no way for firms to return to pre-COVID days and they will have to accept the hybrid working arrangements moving forward. Double-hatting as 3E Accounting’s Chief Technology Officer, Lawrence emphasized the importance of investing in technology, especially when most employees are working from home on a regular basis. With work from home employees relying on the existing data server, any disruptions or system failure can be damaging to the firm’s operations and work processes. Therefore, 3E Accounting is investing in a new offsite data centre to serve as a backup in case the existing system fails or is adversely affected. The offsite data centre will be officially launched next year, in conjunction with 3E Accounting’s 10th-year anniversary celebrations.