UPDATE 18 February 2020: With a global footprint in more than 80 countries and over 1,450 dedicated staff working in 116 offices worldwide, 3E Accounting International aims to be an enabler for small businesses and startups to expand overseas. Read more.

3E Accounting International Network’s 60-Member Achievement

Consultancy.asia Recognises 3E Accounting International Network’s 60-Member AchievementGlobal advisory and consultancy platform, Consultancy.asia recognised 3E Accounting International’s recent milestone achievement, with a feature story, “3E Accounting International network reaches 60 member milestone”. Consultancy.asia highlighted 3E Accounting International’s fascinating network growth in five years, as well as its ambitious global expansion plan.

3E Accounting International now operates on all six continents covering 60 countries, with 1,300 staff internationally offering corporate solution expertise to clients across the globe. A key milestone of its global expansion was achieved when Cyprus joined the network, marking its first venture beyond Asia.

3E Accounting International’s success story has demonstrated that having country-specific knowledge is crucial for success in local markets. 3E Accounting International has worked with, and responded to, the new markets it has entered by forging a win-win relationship with its key local network member. The firm, however, did not venture all markets at once but with careful consideration in terms of geography significance and market potential. 3E Accounting International will admit only one network firm for every country where global headquarters in Singapore will carry out thorough due diligence on prospective firms before the establishment of any strategic partnership agreement.

Consultancy.asia Recognises 3E Accounting International Network’s 60-Member Achievement

Largest Homegrown Global Accounting Network in Singapore

“3E Accounting started our overseas expansion in 2016, emerging as the largest homegrown global accounting network in Singapore in a short span of three and a half years. We succeeded because of astute business acumen, from establishing a strong customer base, complying with local regulations, to finding trusted partners, and understanding local cultures”, said Lawrence Chai, the founder of 3E Accounting who started his firm at the age of 26. On top of the strategic planning that drives the global expansion, Singapore’s vibrant business environment and a multitude of Free Trade Agreements with the world’s major economies, are the important factors behind the firm’s achievement.

Driven by the core values of “efficiency, effectiveness and economy” (abbreviated as “3E”), 3E Accounting International is proud to be one of the best one-stop solution providers for businesses in Singapore and globally. It keeps up its reputation as the professional services network offering a slew of services in audit and accounting, taxation, advisory, human resources, corporate secretarial, and business process outsourcing and company incorporation services.


Consultancy.asia Recognises 3E Accounting International Network’s 60-Member Achievement