Lawrence Chai, the managing director of the leading Singaporean company 3E Accounting Pte Ltd and the youngest TAFEP Exemplary Employer Award Winner shares the secrets on how he keeps his employees happy, live on Capital 95.8 FM.

Established in 2011, with revenues exceeding over $3 million, ranked among the top 30 Singaporean accounting firms and boasting a low employee turnover rate, 3E Accounting Pte Ltd is an organisation that is growing at a rapid pace. The company is recognised for high quality of services, professionalism, and customer and employee focused approach. The company attributes much of its success to its employees who work with sheer dedication and passion to serve their clients and assist them every step of the way.

Knowing how important employees are to the company, 3E Accounting Pte Ltd ensures that their staff is fully satisfied and happy. And this is evident through their unique and exemplary employment practices that have made 3E Accounting the epitome in the industry. The progressive and fair employment practices of 3E Accounting Pte were recognised and acknowledged when Lawrence Chai, the managing director of the company was awarded with TAFEP Exemplary Employer Award 2016. Lawrence Chai is one of the youngest SME owners to receive this award.

The managing director was invited on Capital 95.8FM, the country’s leading radio station to share the company’s unique employment practices with the listeners. The company has taken numerous measures to provide a progressive, compassionate and fair workplace environment to employees which fosters both personal and professional growth, and enables their team to work cohesively as if they are a family.

3E Accounting Live Interview on 95.8FMHappy and honoured at being invited by Capital 95.8FM, Lawrence Chai had this to say, “Our company focuses on building a family-friendly environment which allows employees to have a better sense of belonging. With this, they will be more loyal and are empowered to strive for the company.”

During his interview on 95.8FM, Lawrence Chai said that though their company is small and has about only 25 employees, they leave no stone unturned to retain their dedicated staff and make sure that they continue to work with them as a team. He said that some of the employment practices that help them foster a progressive and caring workplace environment include the 2 day marriage leave that they offer to their employees who are getting married. Besides this, they offer flexible working hours to all working mothers. He explained this by saying that, “One of our employees spends half of her day working from home. This is because she needs to take care of her children at home. We will accommodate and provide our employees with the best working arrangement based on their requirements in order for them to balance work and family.

Another employment practice that makes 3E Accounting Pte Ltd, unique from others in the industry is that they don’t discriminate workers on the basis of age. He elaborated this by saying, “Generally, we do not focus on age. For instance, we do not have a field in our application form that requires candidates to fill in their age. Typically, we will only ask our employees for their birthday after the hire. We need their birthday so that we can send them gifts.”

The company looks at the employment history of the potential candidate, work performance and qualifications during recruitment. The company also looks at the candidate’s willingness to learn in case if they don’t meet the job criteria.

Lawrence Chai believes that keeping their employees happy and satisfied is important because when employees are happy, they work harder and tend to go the extra mile for the company they work for!


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3E Accounting Live Interview on 95.8FM
3E Accounting Pte Ltd is a leading company headquartered in Singapore. The company is both customer and employee focused. The company has adopted exemplary employment practices to foster employee growth, recognise their contributions and provide them equal opportunities to excel while feeling that they are valued and cared for.


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