3E Accounting Clinches 6 Awards at ACQ5 Global Awards 2020

3E Accounting Clinches 6 Awards at ACQ5 Global Awards 2020 ACQ5 is a leading corporate magazine news site, read exclusively by influential senior executives in the industry. Since the launch of ACQ5 Awards in 2005, the awards stood out as a first in the global legal and financial publishing industry. Despite stringent criteria of the fierce competition among many remarkable finalists, 3E Accounting emerged and bagged a total of 6 prestigious ACQ5 awards in 2020.

3E Accounting Founder Lawrence Chai clinched the coveted GameChanger of the Year award, judged by the organisers as a pivotal professional that “transform the accepted rules, processes, strategies and management of business functions.”


3E Accounting’s Unwavering Ethos Drives Business Growth Internationally

3E Accounting Clinches 6 Awards at ACQ5 Global Awards 2020 With a team of professional expertise with extensive experience in the field of corporate services, auditing services and financial due diligence, 3E Accounting is the preferred integrated One-Stop Solution for business needs. Guided by the vision to be the world’s leading corporate service provider, we offer the concept of Three Es: efficiency, effectiveness and economy in our services to address all aspects of set-up, start-up and ongoing administration for the incorporation of every business entity.

In 2016, Founder Lawrence Chai successfully established 3E Accounting International to provide professional and compliance services worldwide. The launch of the 3E Accounting International reflected the proactive strategy employed to drive business growth internationally.


Building Business Resilience with Technology Despite Pandemic Challenges

3E Accounting Clinches 6 Awards at ACQ5 Global Awards 2020 3E Accounting has been adopting robotics technology to develop cutting-edge automated solutions to deliver value-adding experiences to both our employees and clients. Under the lead of Founder Lawrence Chai, the Digital Research and Development (R&D) team spearheads development in new growth areas in robotic process automation (RPA), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

3E Accounting’s effort to transform digitally has since maximized employees’ productivity and increased the firm’s productivity by 50%. With increased productivity enabled by technology to deliver excellent services to our clients, 3E Accounting is more than capable of supporting a larger client base.

3E Accounting’s investment in technology has also enabled the firm to transcend geographical barriers in the overseas expansion and aided in successful business resilience during the pandemic. This is evident from our success of Virtual Opening of the new Hong Kong office, 3E Accounting Limited in 2020. Despite unprecedented challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, 3E Accounting utilized digital tools such as video conferencing and VPN to allow the global headquarters team in Singapore to provide timely remote support to Hong Kong Office’s overseas operations. Technology has again proven to be an impetus for our business continuity planning and uninterrupted business operations.

“COVID-19 demonstrates to us that technology and flexi-work culture is key to business resilience. At 3E Accounting, we were able to activate and scale up our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) because of prior investment in technology and emphasis on mobile work,” said 3E Accounting Founder Lawrence Chai.


Embrace the Future With Robotics

3E Accounting is well-recognised for its all-rounded professionalism and ability to deliver top-notch services to clients while adapting and continuously enhancing themselves in the industry. 3E Accounting’s outstanding achievements set itself apart from various industry peers especially in unprecedented times of Covid-19.

This year, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Committee was set up, a bold move to transform 3E Accounting into a Global AI Accounting Firm by 2025.

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