3E Accounting Featured on Yahoo! Finance

3E Accounting Featured on Yahoo! Finance 3E Accounting’s achievement as Asia-Pacific First Robotics Accounting Firm was featured in Yahoo! Finance. Since Yahoo Finance is the largest business and financial news site in the world, with unrivalled access to data, insights, and content, the accolade from the world-leading news service was a strong affirmation of the firm’s business and technology advisory capabilities.

The achievement is a key milestone for 3E Accounting as the firm celebrates its 10th year of operations in the highly competitive industry. The outbreak of COVID-19 has validated the technology investment by 3E Accounting who was able to implement its business contingency plan to transition to fully remote business operations. To overcome the many challenges posed by the pandemic, the firm pivoted to automation technology to maintain and improve operational productivity.

3E Accounting’s ambition is to build a future-ready accounting and professional services firm where intelligent robots are deployed to perform tasks and collaborate with human co-workers and become a truly global Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Accounting Firm.