Leave for New Mums – Female Employees Get More Time Off

Firms Offering More Leave for New MumsFirms Offering More Leave for New Mums

More Leave for New Mums to Support Work-Life Balance

3E Accounting is proud to be recognised in Singapore as one of the firms offering more leave for new mums to support the hardworking female employees.

Mr. Lawrence Chai, the company’s managing director, has always believed in the importance of work-life balance. The company has always made corporate social responsibility part of its core focus. We believe that a business shouldn’t just be all about making money alone. It should be about taking care of the staff and giving back to the community.

Work life balance in Singapore is an area of recognition that is gaining traction. Particularly for new parents who need to spend time bonding with their child during those first crucial weeks.  The time a new mum has with a child should be a time of bonding. Being a first-time mother is overwhelming enough as it is. Mothers shouldn’t have to deal with the pressure and worries that follow having to leave their new-born so soon.



Honoured to Be Recognised

3E Accounting may be a local SME (Small-and-Medium Enterprise), but we recognise the value of work life balance. We understand how important it is for mothers to have those vital moments with their child after giving birth. As such, we have implemented policies that support all working parents in the company.

3E Accounting was one of the firms that received an honourable mention in The Straits Times on 28 March 2017. In the article featured by the paper, 3E Accounting was one of the first acknowledged in Singapore offering more leave for new mums. 3E joins the ranks of other businesses who have come on board with longer parental leave. Other companies mentioned in the article were OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered and Tower Transit Group.


The key to creating a productive life force begins by looking after the wellbeing of the employees. This is something 3E has always believed in. The success of many companies in Singapore (and around the world) lies in the hands of its workforce. An effective strategy like introducing more leave for new mums is one approach to fostering loyalty while boosting productivity.

As part of our initiatives to support our working mums, 3E Accounting will be granting 6-weeks of unpaid infant-care leave. This is on top of the Government’s mandated maternity leave. Leave is applicable for adoption and paternity leave too.

3E Accounting is a company running on many strengths. These strengths have helped sustain its success over the years. One of our major advantages is the flexibility we offer our hardworking, dedicated staff. Our staff have flexible work arrangements, and this has been responsible for attracting many female employees. 3E Accounting’s female employees account for 22 of its 24-headcount.

At 3E Accounting, we believe that it is important to care for all our hardworking employees. A successful business begins when employees are happy and well-taken care off. The company is always looking for ways to foster a family-oriented, balanced working environment. This initiative is another opportunity for 3E show our employees we value work-life balance as much as they do.