3E Accounting Limited is Licensed Company Service Provider on Hong Kong Companies Registry in 2019

3E Accounting Limited is a Licensed Company Service Provider in Hong Kong 20193E Accounting Limited has successfully registered with the Registrar of Companies, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and has been granted a Trust / Company Service Provider (“TCSP”) Licence. This certifies that 3E Accounting Limited has complied with all the regulatory requirements and is licensed to carry out Trust and Company Service business in Hong Kong.

The successful registration of a TCSP licence certifies that 3E Accounting Limited has met the compliance requirements for company service providers in Hong Kong. As part of the enhanced professional requirement in Hong Kong last year, a licensing regime for trust or company service providers (“TCSPs”) was established under the Hong Kong’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance (“AMLO”). Any TCSPs intending to operate in Hong Kong must obtain a licence from the Registrar of Companies whose regulatory requirements encompass due diligence on the applicants including each of the applicant’s owners, directors, or partners. 3E Accounting received the maximum licence validity of 3-years, demonstrating our full compliance with regulatory requirements.


Our Professional Team

The team at 3E Accounting Limited consists of highly experienced professionals with extensive experience in Hong Kong’s financial, tax, corporate, and regulatory milieu. Our directors and staff are from a range of international, cultural, academic and professional backgrounds – all sharing the common goal of achieving excellence in all of our professional services. To ensure that you benefit from the highest quality service, 3E Accounting’s team members are selected based on their industry expertise, experience and knowledge of pertinent business activities. 3E Accounting Limited consistently provide our customers significant added-value services, that’s why we have one of the highest rates of repeat business in the industry.