Medical Health Screening Top Priority for 3E Accounting

3E Accounting Collaborates with Reste Medical for Free Health Screening

In July, 3E Accounting and Reste Medical teamed up to provide free medical health screening as part of 3E’s CSR initiatives.

Medical health screenings are a vital preventative measure. One that every individual should undergo. Health is one of the many things that we take for granted. Only when we fall sick do we realise the true value of what it means to be healthy.

Both 3E Accounting and Reste Medical believe that it is imperative that health be a priority for every individual. With that in mind, both parties decided to collaborate for a free basic screening as part of 3E Accounting’s corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Why Undergo a Medical Health Screening?

Our company has always strived to be the best and provide excellence in everything that we do. We are committed to in everything that we undertake, and that includes making a difference in the community.

The initiatives carried out through our CSR. This is our way to giving back to society and the community. A way to show that we care. Our goal and aspiration is to make positive contribution to the community by enriching the lives of others.

We don’t just take care of our clients, we take care of our staff to, and that’s the reason this event was organised. That was the purpose of the medical health screening is one of the many CSR initiatives launched this year.


Health Comes First

At 3E Accounting, the healthcare of every employee is a major concern and priority. Medical health screenings are vital for the assessment of potential health risks. As such, our policy is focused on providing better healthcare benefits to ensure the wellbeing of all staff are taken care of.

Which is the company collaborated with Reste Medical to provide basic health screening for all 3E staff. The free screening was held at the 3E Accounting office. Reste Medical is an approved healthcare service provider recognised by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) in Singapore. All staff members were encouraged to participate the response was well received.

Staff at 3E Accounting took part in the basic screening which assessed their health vitals in several aspects.  Body Mass Index, blood pressure, and waist to hip ratio were some of the initial assessment that were conducted. Other assessments included a full lipid analysis of cholesterol levels. The staff were also encouraged to check their blood glucose levels for potential diabetes.

The healthcare vendor proved to be the perfect collaborative partner for 3E Accounting to work with. Reste Medical’s aim is providing a comprehensive preventative health screening service and quality care experience.  Reste Medical offered staff other health screening packages for those who were interested. These were available as add-ons, and could be purchased on top of the basic screening.

For more information about 3E Accounting’s other CSR initiatives, visit our website by clicking here.